I really like the handlebar roll, it just works. It could only really be improved by one thing – a detachable snack pack.

What I needed was a place to store food where it was easy to get at during a ride. I basically want to be able to graze continuously without getting off my bike any more than I have to. I need all the help I can get making up the miles.

I also wanted the handlebar roll to work independently of the snack pack. So that I didn’t necessarily need to take the snack pack on every ride where I used the handlebar roll. As it turned out I had buckles lying around that where the same size as the ones I had originally used on the handlebar roll. So I quickly worked out that I could just add the pack in line with the two webbing straps furthest from the center of the harness. In order for this to work I had to move the webbing straps and buckles back from the front edge of the harness. Otherwise the pack would end up sitting too far away from the handlebar, hindering easy access and possibly hitting the front wheel.

As you can see from the pictures below, the outer straps now sit considerably further back on the harness.



Since the snack pack was already easily detachable I thought why not use that. So I added a shoulder strap, that way I can remove the pack, snap on the shoulder strap and take the pack with me into a shop if I want to. Might come in handy for keeping any valuables with me while I’ve left the bike. And you know for keeping my shopping in.

The snack pack is basically a box shape with curved sides so that it fits the handlebar roll better. It’s not too hard achieving this curved shape but if you think it will be easier to just do a straight box shape then by all means do that, I’m sure it’ll still work.

When considering size the pack can be just as wide as your handlebar roll. And at least as long as the handlebar rolls diameter. Meaning that depending on the clearance you’ve got below your handlebar roll you can maybe stretch you luck a bit and let the snack pack hang a bit lower than your roll does.

And that’s pretty much it – the handlebar roll with detachable snack pack. Take a look at the post Myog handlebar roll/bag if you want a look at how to make a handlebar bag.


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